BeWise Medical Waste Management, Inc.


Medical Waste Management, Inc.

BeWise is a Utah based, family owned business established to provide essential compliance of regulated medical waste services and pharmaceutical disposal, protecting our local environment, while adding a first class client service with a lower cost option.

We provide routine pick-up, transportation, treatment and disposal services for regulated medical waste, bio-hazard waste, sharps, and pharmaceuticals (RX).

At BeWise our quotes include everything, beginning with a month-to-month contract, no hidden fees such as fuel fees, or energy and environmental quality charges. The rate you receive at signing, is the rate you’ll pay, guaranteed!

Contact us today to receive a minimum Guarantee Savings of 30% in monthly disposal costs.

Benefits of working with BeWise

  • End the “cycle” of pricing surprises — Enjoy the predictable service you were promised, without the uncertainty of ever-changing costs.
  • Flexibility of service – You want a service that fits your business. Over time, service needs change; we understand. BeWise gives you the flexibility to make changes to your service plan.
  • Receive quick answers to your service needs.
  • Friendly, dedicated and knowledgeable support and sales team – The person who you speak to on your introductory call is the same person who addresses your questions in the future.
  • Your service and billing needs are addressed without explaining your issues to multiple representatives

Contact Us

2070 N 1450 East
Provo, UT 84604


F 385.831.0301